Thoughts from the Saints-Vikings Game

It’s a little late, but here are some thoughts from the Saints-Vikings season opener:

** Drew Brees looked like he was picking up right where he left off last year. The guy could put on clinics for surgeons with the way he was carving and dissecting the Vikings defense. Sure, you might not see it in the stat sheet, and that’s because Brees’ receivers left at least 75 yards and 1 more TD on the field with completely untimely drops (leading me to a tirade of expletives, since I started Brees in one of my fantasy leagues). There was a deep pass to Marques Colston, the corner route in the endzone to Robert Meachem, and a intermediate pass to Lance Moore – all of which were absolutely perfect throws that were dropped.

To me, the storyline that nobody’s talking about – especially ESPN, since they’ll never bash old man Favre – is that this game should have been a lot uglier than the final score indicates.

** Speaking of the Wrangler Man: Brett Favre’s chemistry with his WR’s is going to be a recurring theory all year. Percy Harvin looks like he’s well on his way to fulfilling my prediction of a sophomore slump, and Favre has virtually no timing nor trust with any of the other guys. Visanthe Shiancoe is athletic enough to where he can pose match-up problems with a majority of defenses – especially those without a do-it-all safety – but like the Saints, if a team can take him away, you make the Vikings painfully one-dimensional.

** Adrian Peterson talked about how he’s working on securing the ball more (he led all running backs with 6 fumbles in ’09), and it was apparent on Thursday night. There were several aggressive swipes from the Saints defenders when Peterson ran with the ball, with virtually no effect on Peterson.

** As Cris Collinsworth pointed out repeatedly, the interior of the Saints line played really well and did a great job against one of the best pairs of DT’s in the league. The Saints have the potential to run the ball really well, as Pierre Thomas looks really good. Fantasy geeks wont be satisfied with Thomas’ 15 carries for less than 4 ypc, but considering how the Saints abandoned the run in record fashion in the first half and trailed in overall time of possession in that half, and the fact that you’re playing a top team against the run, there’s a lot of positives to take out of Thomas’ and the Saints running game.

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