NFL Predictions, 2009

So I know that it’s a bit late to post my NFL predictions – you know, given that Week 1 has already gone down, and there are a myriad of injuries basically altering what everyone thought would happen – but I’ve been stupid-busy the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to post them.

I hate when people do any type of prognosticating – predictions, fantasy football drafts – after the first week of the season. It’s like trying to predict what’s going to happen in a movie after watching it for the first 20 minutes – it cheapens the “glory” when you’re right, ’cause you got a head start.

So believe me when I say that these predictions were made on Wednesday, September 9th, before the Steelers-Titans season opener. Judging by some of these picks, you’d have to believe that I either did make these picks before that game, or I’m just completely oblivious to everything that went down in Week 1.

Without any further adieu, the my NFL 2009 predictions:

New England     11-5
Miami                   9-7
NY Jets                8-8
Buffalo                 5-11

Pittsburgh        12    4
Baltimore*       10    6
Cincinnati         8    8
Cleveland         5    11

Tennessee        10    6
Houston*           9    7
Indianapolis     9    7
Jacksonville      7    9

San Diego         10    6
Kansas City       8    8
Oakland              6    10
Denver               4    12

Philadelphia    10    6
Dallas*                9    7
NY Giants          9    7
Washington      7    9

Chicago             10    6
Green Bay*      10    6
Minnesota         9    7
Detroit                4    12

New Orleans    9    7
Atlanta               8    8
Carolina             8    8
Tampa Bay       3    13

Seattle               10    6
Arizona              8    8
San Francisco  7    9
St. Louis             4    12

* = Wild Card Teams

Wild Cards Round:

Baltimore over San Diego
Houston over Tennessee

New Orleans over Green Bay
Seattle over Dallas

Semi-Finals/Playoff Round:

New England over Houston
Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Chicago over New Orleans
Philadelphia over Seattle

Conference Championships:

Philadelphia over Chicago
Pittsburgh over New England

Super Bowl:

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia

[It’s been one week since I made these predictions, and I hate them already. It’s shaping to be another one of those crazy-ass football NFL seasons….]

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